Level Design for Static

Static is a noise FPS game by Dennis Carr.

My Role: Level Design for approximately 50 levels

A game where parsing visual information is a big part of the challenge, Static pushes players into a tenuous space between chaotic information overload and relaxing flow-state.  Static is a one-planar game; the player can't look up or down.  Instead, the y-axis of the mouse modulates the weapon that the player is using.  Level designs are thus constrained to 2 dimensions.  Using a combination of Unity and Doombuilder, we were able to quickly create, test, and iterate upon levels.

Levels are short - each taking between 10 and 60 seconds, depending on player experience levels, so frequent playtesting has been essential in scaling difficulty and size to hit that goal.  Part of the fun of designing levels for Static was coming up with themed groups (cathedrals, islands, the human body, etc) and creating a series of 5-10 levels based on that theme.

Static is scheduled to be released between October and November of 2018.