Serene version, with Hang Ruan and Laurenz Riklin.  Unity, 2016

​Role: Design/Code/Sound/Music for original prototype

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Original abrasive version, solo project.  Unity, 2016

(Use WASD and Spacebar to move, mouse to look)

Download: Win // Mac


Gazda (drums, percussion, composition)

Fairfax, AK (drums)

Improvestra (vibraphone/percussion)

Grolar Bears (drums/percussion)

The Gentlemen of NUCO (percussion)


Moar Interactive

2Q== -- work in progress

Thorns -- a koan about death, regret, and nuclear waste

Battle of the Baes -- As broken as your love life, with Childbirth (music), 2016

Cortez Yodel -- Arcade yodeler, with Air Dux (music), 2016

Stabby Shakespeare -- GGJ Entry with team Stabby, 2016 

BloodMoon -- Unmastered, unreleased, with Gazda (music), 2015

Jack --  sound-collage experiment, 2014/2015

​DethDate2000 -- Death metal dating sim, w/AP3rry (visuals/dialogue), 2014

Snake Sequencer

Eat the beats, solo project.  Javascript/Phaser, 2016

(Click screenshot for web version)

Corey Bertelsen 


(Code, sound, music, and design by me except otherwise indicated)


Electric Counterpoint (2011, w/ Emily Rifkin)

Oak (2011 scoring / sound design)

Laughing All The Time

Polygonal sunshine, with Lazy Heart. Javascript/ThreeJS, 2016

​Role: Design/Code

(Click screenshot for web version)


Minnecade/Glitchcade (2016)

ArtSlueth (Proposal, 2016)

Smile Simulator

Face-stretching fun, with team Happy Soft. Unity, 2016

Role: Sound/Music/Design

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Take your time, with Hosni Aruji and Hang Ruan.  Unity, 2016  

Role: Music/Sound/Design/Code

(Click screenshot for web version.  Use arrow keys or gamepad to move)

Download: Win // Mac